Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor with ABS Edge

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Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor with ABS Edge

Injection moulding is applied to the production of calcium sulphate panel. Different from PVC edges stuck with adhesive, ABS plastic edges are one-time moulding which is inserted into calcium sulphate board, adhesion to calcium sulphate board is higher. Besides, ABS edges do not use adhesive, thickness is muck higher than PVC edges, so it’s stability against temperature can be much higher.


Model: FS1000-FS2500

Size: 600*600mm

Materials: Calcium sulphate core, Galvanized steel, All kinds of floor coverings

Installation: Stringer system

Application of Calcium Sulphate Panel

Offices, data center, control room, banks, workshop and fields with wiring requirements

Characteristics of Calcium Sulphate Panel

  • Never fall-off edges
  • Good loading capacity and conductivity
  • Fire-proof , antisepsis and sound insulation
  • Exceptionally high rolling load capacity
  • Improved acoustic properties

Calcium Sulphate Panel

Calcium Sulphate Panel

Further Information of Calcium Sulphate Panel