Anti-static HPL Raised Floor

A perfect combination of anti-state flooring made of steel cementitious raised floor and HPL on top, makes anti static raised access floor an ideal choice. Its borders are trimmed with conductive rubber edges to provide the finest look. Titan Flor offers you an extensive range of anti-static raised access floor to meet all your purposes of floor applications in the computer room, office building, bank, laboratory, power control, workshop, post telegraph, and other places where anti-static environment needs to create. These anti-rust and anti-soil tiles always look clean as brand new. In fact, you don’t have to spend much on maintenance of these tiles. Now, get these durable and cost-effective anti-static energy-efficient raised access floors right away.


Model: FS662-FS2500

Size: 600*600mm, 24”*24”

Materials: Steel, Cement, Laminate

Installation: Stringer system


Computer room, data center, control room, laboratory, office building, bank, post telegraph, power control center, workshop and places where require anti-static environment or have many wires.


  • Excellent anti-static performance
  • Flame retardant, anti-skid, anti-rust, anti-soil
  • Mighty glue, strong wearability, non-bubble, non-degumming
  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

Options of Anti-static Flooring

Except standard type with black edge trim, we also developed different types of anti-static HPL raised floor, each one can make use of their advantages to fit different demand.

Why Do Server Rooms and Data Centers Need Anti-Static Raised Access Floor?

Anti-static raised access floor allows convenient distribution cooled air with no wasted energy across of all the cabinets. This is the reason why server rooms and data centers have an anti-static raised access floor.

What Benefits Do Raised Access Floor Provide?

You can easily meet your ever-increasing demand of power, data, and telecom services in a modern building. You can easily get access to services for upgrading and maintenance with little disruption. These two benefits make the raised access floor popular in the market.

Why I Should Use Raised Access Floor?

A raised access floor is ideally used for security, data, electrical power, telecom, and environment control or air conditioning purposes. You can choose a raised access floor for convenient access to wires for maintenance and repair purposes.

Further Information of Anti-static Flooring

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