Intelligent Air Flow Raised Floor

Intelligent air flow system with automatic temperature control fan is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual directional airflow panel. The temperature controlled fan units are available quad fan models. The fan has multiple control options to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling. This powerful solution is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.


Model: 17%-65% ventilation rate

Size: 600*600mm, 24”*24”

Materials: Intelligent airflow machines, Aluminum perforated panel / Steel perforated panel

Installation: Stringer system


Data center, computer room, exchange room, communication room, and places require accurate airflow control


  • Multiple control options for both models available
  • Quick response temperature measurement
  • User programmable set point
  • Viewable peak temp for check of each rack
  • Fan speed from 0-100% for precise airflow control


Single-fan and four-fans intelligent airflow machines can be combined randomly with aluminum or steel perforated panels.

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