Narrow Edge Raised Floor

The weakest part of standard steel cementitious raised oa floor is four edges with just 2 layers of steel. In order to solve this problem, we improve production process and reduce 40% width of four edges. In bend test of four edges, strength can be 150% higher than standard one.


Model: FS800-FS2000

Size: 600*600mm

Materials: Steel, Cement

Installation: Corner lock systems, stringer systems


Office building, intelligent office environment, meeting room, commercial and industrial bureau, government, places that have requirements of dust-proof and water-proof, fields with wiring requirements, usually used with square carpet.


  • Patent design
  • Improved narrow edge design
  • Cut edge design
  • Epoxy paint for life time protection
  • Class A flame spread & smoke developed index
  • 500mm panel mainly for Japan, Korea and Taiwan
  • 24” / 610mm panel mainly for North America

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