Raised Floor with Homogeneous Vinyl Finish

Homogeneous vinyl flooring has a great perforamance of abrasion resistance, at the same time, its great resilience can reduce the harm to people’s tumble, so it is very popular in public area with massive human traffic. It can be connected with all our standard raised floor systems, such as steel cementitious raised floor systems, calcium sulphate raised floor or chipboard raised floor systems.


Model: FS1000-FS2500

Size: 600*600mm, 24”*24”, 800*800mm

Materials: Homogeneous vinyl flooring, standard raised floor systems

Installation: Stringer system


Hospital, schools, bus / metro stations, super markets, hotels and places with massive human traffic


  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Great resilience
  • High decoration
  • Improved acoustic properties

Further Information

  • Production Process of Steel Cement Raised Floor with Coverings

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